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Free Escort WordPress Theme will help you build your own escort directory in minutes. Once you install it you’ll be ready to go. No need for a lot of configurations, no need for 10 extra plugins, just the theme. We built this theme based on client feedback and we’ll continue to update the theme and make it even better.

Nulled Escort WordPress Theme has 3 user types: Agencies, Independent Escorts & Members. The agency and escort profile names are customizable so you can choose any name you want for them. You can also chose the url structure for the profile pages. This means you can use the theme for other types of directories: photo-models, cam-models, massage parlors etc.

Once you install the Escort wp theme your visitors will be able to register on your site. Depending on what they want to do on the site they will be able to register as either an agency, an independent escort or a normal member. All user types have different capabilities as described bellow.

Escort WordPress Theme Features

  • Email verification for the signups
  • Escort slideshow in the header
  • Predefined country list in the sidebar
  • Profile image management
  • Hide or show sections of the site that you don’t want to use
  • Show/hide registration fields and choose which are mandatory
  • Image verification upload where escorts upload a photo so you can verify that they are real
  • Profile pages for the escorts
  • Complete editing of profiles
  • Premium status
  • Featured status
  • Verified Status
  • Escort tours
  • Spam protection
  • Ad postings
  • Reviews and star rating system for escorts and agencies
  • Blacklist for clients and escorts
  • Advanced search page
  • Widgetized areas for the header, sidebars and footer
  • Ad space in the header, sidebars and footer
  • Contact forms on all escort and agency profile pages
  • Website contact form
  • RSS with all the escorts
  • Social links in the header
  • Website logo upload…

Download Nulled Escort WordPress Theme

Escort WordPress Theme Free - Changelog

Escort WordPress Theme 2.1 Nulled


  • 1. alert for 18 years was bigger than the screen on mobile devices
  • 2. adding an expiration time to a premium or featured status would set the status to never expire
  • 3. quick search from right sidebar would not return list of cities
  • 4. issue with the encoding of the language files
  • 5. agency images wore not showing on the agency review page
  • 6. incompatibility with Jetpack plugin that would make a profile show duplicate content
  • 7. the “hide blog section” option didn’t work
  • 8. capctcha was not with certain site keys
  • 9. profiles that had at least one reviews would not show the login or register alert when visitors wore trying to add a review
  • 10. the menu for the blog section was not being include in the mobile menu
  • 11. tours wore showing in the city pages even when there wore profiles available for that city
  • 12. the user settings menu would not showup for logged in users after the admin has changed the user type
  • 13. the form was not displaying the dropdown values in the agency page, when trying to add a new escort, only when logged in as an admin
  • 14. problem with the independed checkbox from the “quick search” section in the sidebar
  • 15. some words wore not included in the translation function
  • 16. blog tag page was not showing
  • 17. pages where members could see the reviews they’ve written did not had a valid url in the sidebar account menu
  • 18. when an agency edited a tour, after hitting the submit button, the tour would not show up in the profile page anymore
  • 19. deleting the verified status image would not delete the image from the site
  • 20. users with member status wore not seying a confirmation message when editing their profile info
  • 21. when agencies wore adding profiles and the site had a price set for new profiles added by agencies, the theme was publishing the profile without payment
  • 22. the images from the classified ads wore not displaying on desktops
  • 23. the images from the blacklisted profiles wore not being switched to the responsive images on mobiles

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