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Ultimate Branding WordPress Plugin free download

Ultimate Branding – WPMU WordPress Theme

Display your colors, logo, company name and brand messaging across your entire site. Remove or replace WordPress branding from login to logout without a line of code.

With Free Ultimate Branding Plugin you can add, remove or change WordPress branding across an entire network.

Finish site customization with WPMU Ultimate Branding and layout polished backend design in minutes. Give users a better experience with site specific directions, brand clarity and fluid transitions from front to back.

Ultimate Branding WordPress Plugin Features

  • Change or remove WordPress branding
  • Highlight your design and development
  • Add custom logo to the Admin Bar
  • Simple login image replacement
  • Change the word “WordPress” to your business name
  • Simple brand matching
  • Reorganize Admin Bar menus
  • Create custom Admin Bar menus
  • Add a direct link to support
  • Add help buttons
  • Remove WordPress core Dashboard widgets
  • Block 3rd party dashboard widgets
  • Change the WordPress ‘Howdy’
  • Reduce time spent on client training
  • Customize ‘Admin Help Content’
  • Increase site security and speed
  • One comprehensive plugin
  • Create a custom admin bar
  • Customize Email “From” information
  • Remove link to dashboard for users without a site
  • Customize/add help content
  • Custom global footer
  • Custom global header
  • Add a custom dashboard footer
  • Rebrand the meta widget
  • Protect site structure
  • Hide the ‘Permalinks’ menu item
  • Replace WordPress in HTML
  • Replace any word or phrase
  • Give your single site a custom Favicon
  • Add custom Multisite Favicon
  • Customize admin CSS
  • Add custom login CSS
  • Uses CSS child fields
  • Hide WordPress welcome
  • Add custom dashboard color schemes
  • Display custom admin message

Download Nulled Ultimate Branding WordPress Plugin

Download Ultimate Branding WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Branding WordPress Plugin Free - Changelog

Ultimate Branding 1.8.2 WordPress Plugin Nulled


  • Fixed: Bug in “View Switch Icon” and “View Switch Icon Hover” ( Color Schemes )
  • Fixed: Bug in role based hiding/showing core menus ( Admin Bar )
  • Added: Super-Admin role when hiding/showing core menus ( Admin Bar )

Ultimate Branding 1.8.3 WordPress Plugin Nulled – Coming Soon


  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress site icon ( Favicons )
  • Added: Focus color and background color customization for admin menu
  • Fixed: Login image not being able to assign image from external url
  • Fixed: Login image options for height and width
  • Fixed: Issue in text change missing admin_front index while saving
  • Fixed: Issue with undefined index
  • Fixed: Issue with undefined blog_id in global head
  • Fixed: Issue with login image absolute url
  • Fixed: Conflict between admin-icon.css and other font icons
  • Fixed: Minor issue with color schemes

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