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Upfront WPMU DEV WordPress Theme free download

Upfront 1.7 WPMU DEV – WordPress Theme Framework

Free Upfront WPMU DEV Theme Framework is a User-friendly, extremely versatile and infinitely customizable drag-and-drop WordPress theme platform.

Upfront WPMU DEV WordPress Theme Features

  • Holy Smokes Elements
  • The Mobile UX you deserve
  • Limitless Theme Possibilities
  • Upfront’s Tools Make Customization Easy
  • Easily Modify Themes
  • Flexible Styling
  • Jumbo Responsive Video
  • OMG Sliders!
  • The Parallax power up

Download Nulled Upfront WPMU DEV WordPress Theme

Archive include all WPMU starter themes Download Upfront WPMU DEV WordPress Theme

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Upfront WPMU DEV WordPress Theme Free - Changelog

Upfront 1.7 WPMU DEV WordPress Theme Nulled


  • Add: new design for interaction panels.
  • Add: new design for element state user interface.
  • Add: new design for grouping experience.
  • Add: improved design for redactor toolbar.
  • Add: improved design for color picker.
  • Add: improved and optimized saving behavior.
  • Add: upload video to region background video options.
  • Add: video inserts.
  • Add: region setting is moved to sidebar.
  • Add: new improved way to handle SMTP.
  • Fix: lightbox creation issues.
  • Fix: update multiple module class elements resize.
  • Fix: escape the thumbnail override URL.
  • Fix: selected image source type check.
  • Fix: author archives with generic queries.
  • Fix: double resize hint for code element.
  • Fix: button link panel icon active state.
  • Fix: new lightbox field position for group element.
  • Fix: tooltip is not closed on ungroup.
  • Fix: slider caption issue with cover placeholder placement.
  • Fix: issue with editing menu items.
  • Fix: ensure the generated virtual links follow SSL convention.
  • Fix: preset class output on post data element.
  • Fix: prevent color picker being overlapped by sidebar scrollbar.
  • Fix: url truncated if more than 25 characters, post/page panel display issue.
  • Fix: redactor blockquote doesn’t return to default state.
  • Fix: redactor quote icon not marking active.
  • Fix: redactor adding list loose selection.
  • Fix: group editing styling and other minor element hover styling.
  • Fix: empty image element growing when resizing.
  • Fix: changing product permalink option causes issues with shop page.
  • Fix: global CSS typos.
  • Fix: media manager throws JS errors.
  • Fix: skip updates conflict resolution when Dashboard plugin is present.
  • Fix: apply the posts limit propagated from the query.
  • Fix: interacting with data element could cause freshly-written contents to clear.

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