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WooChimp 2.2.1 – WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

Free WooChimp Plugin integrates your WooCommerce store with MailChimp. In just a few clicks, you can turn your store into a powerful marketing machine.

Nulled WooChimp Plugin is not just another “Add a signup option to a checkout page” type plugin – it fully supports MailChimp’s Ecommerce360 functionality, multiple mailing lists, subscriber groups, merge tags and webhooks! And sure… it adds a signup option to the checkout.

WooChimp WordPress Plugin Features

  • Full WooCommerce integration with MailChimp
  • Integration status displayed on admin page
  • Opt-in checkbox on checkout
  • Pass any order or user property as merge tag
  • Signup widget and shortcode
  • All signup fields are associated with MailChimp’s merge tags
  • Add customers automatically
  • Skip customers that have previously unsubscribed
  • Multiple groups supported for each signup option
  • Full Ecommerce360 Support
  • Advanced Campaign Targeting enabled
  • Advanced Autoresponders enabled
  • Campaign-to-Order Tracking
  • MailChimp Webhook support
  • Frontend fields can be changed from admin page
  • Translation ready (.pot file included)
  • Extremely flexible

Download Nulled WooChimp WordPress Plugin

Download WooChimp WordPress Plugin

WooChimp WordPress Plugin Free - Changelog

WooChimp 2.2.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled


  • Feature – Allow to select opt-in status for Ecommerce customers
  • Fix – Querying of lists/interests/etc returns only 10 items
  • Tweak – Free WooChimp log improved and transferred to WooCommerce logs
  • Tweak – Improved loading time for sets with big amount of interests
  • Tweak – Other minor bug fixes

WooChimp 2.2 WordPress Plugin Nulled


  • Feature – Existing functionality ported to MailChimp API 3.0
  • Feature – E-Commerce: Option to update order status
  • Feature – Option to decide whether to update existing subscriber or show error
  • Fix – ‘Enter’ key does not submit signup form
  • Fix – Incorrect ‘does_not_contain’ and ‘contains’ conditions check
  • Fix – Labels passed in AJAX don’t support HTML
  • Fix – Duplicate Checkout checkbox on ‘woocommerce_review_order_before_order_total’ hook
  • Fix – Variation id is not passed with E-Commerce order data
  • Fix – WooChimp log entries appear corrupted in some cases
  • Fix – Shipping method title wasn’t passing value
  • Tweak – Updated RightPress automatic updates class
  • Tweak – Improved support for payment gateways with altered checkout process
  • Tweak – Improved handling of orders added manually by shop manager
  • Tweak – Improved handling of order status and payment triggers
  • Tweak – New option to control how checkout checkbox acts if user is already subscribed to the list
  • Tweak – More reliable storing of campaign and email ids
  • Tweak – Other minor improvements and bug fixes

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